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Flower girl dresses needs a lot of consideration just like the bridesmaid dresses. If you have more than one flower girl then all of them have to wear the same style dresses or if not available then at least the same colour of dresses is a must. Most of the time you can’t find the toddler flower girl dresses that match exactly the theme of the wedding so you have to rely on the DIY projects. If you are a creative person and you know a way around sewing then you can try making a flower girl dress on your own because apart from being economical you would be surprised how good it fits. Here is the guide on making the flower girl dress o your own

Select and buy a fabric

First of all, you need to select and buy the fabric and that can depend on the weather and also the theme of the wedding. You can buy lace, chiffon and any other stuff. Along with the fabric, the lining loth and the laces or anything you need to add on the dress is also needed. To buy all the stuff you need to first make a picture of that dress in your mind and draw it out on a page so you won’t forget anything while buying the stuff.


Now comes the cutting of the dress. If you have a sample dress or any other similar dress of your daughter then you can make cuttings of different parts using that dress and if it is your first time sewing you can also separate the parts of the sample dress that you don’t need anymore and make exact cuttings for the dress. Cutting off each and every part should be made ready so you can know how much more cloth you need to buy and dot have to run to the market during the sewing process. To make cuttings you have to turn the dress inside out.


Now just like the sample dress you have to sew this new dress inside out too. You have to join the lining cloth with the fabric first which has been cut in the same way. After you are done with that now you have to join the bodice with the skirt. Depending on the type of dress you are going for you can make an A-line skirt or the frilly one. Once you have attached all the parts together you need to turn the edges inside.

Add ribbons

If you want a mid-waist tie dress then you have to add a ribbon that ties on the back into a beautiful bow and just like that your beautiful flower girl dress is ready.

Make your daughter wear the dress and see if it fits and if it does then it is ready but if it needs more fitting you can add a few more stitches and make a beautiful and simple flower girl dress that will cost you less.

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