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When you have to deal with a dead battery at the middle of a road, things might get difficult beyond proportion. The only way out at such point of time appears to be jump starting your car with the help of another running one. But if you are a travelling in a hybrid car, things might seem as much more complicated than that of a regular gasoline car. But in reality,  it is not that difficult as it apparently looks like.

There are different kinds of hybrid cars that we can see on the road. Among them while some hybrid car batteries can no way be dealt without the help of a professional assistance, other hybrid models that are relatively new can jump-start by themselves.

But Jump-starting any type of car can be dangerous unless you know the job well. Above that Hybrids do add some extra moments of anxiety to the entire procedure. Generally speaking, the hybrid vehicles can jump-start just like any other regular conventional car that runs on a petrol or gas engine, but some of the unusual layouts of hybrid powertrains can be confusing for many at the first glance. To help people with such situations, here are some basic concepts discussed with the Lexington Chevrolet dealer experts that will make you know the hybrid powertrains better, if you are new to hybrid cars.

The Pattern of Hybrid Car Powertrain

Most hybrid car models are made of two different kinds of batteries: one is the main high-voltage powertrain battery, which takes charge when the car is not run on the gasoline engine, and the other is a smaller one of 12-volt that is primarily used for starting the vehicle, which though could be located under the hood is often found in the trunk in many cars. To find it, you have to check both the places. A hybrid battery pack will always be sealed, to prevent any chance of electric shocks if there is any accidental contact, and for that it should also be marked with relevant warning labels. While working with the hybrid batteries, one has to be extra careful to ensure that things go smoothly without any hazard.

How to Jump Start

Both the batteries of a hybrid car can possibly run out of juice, and this can happen in more frequencies if you already have any trouble with the battery, or if the battery is old.

To start with you’ll need to first identify which battery is at fault behind the dead stop.

Once you identify and is successful in finding another hybrid car to jump-start yours, the smaller 12-volt battery is the one which should be used for this purpose.

To get acquainted with the procedures of how to jump start your own hybrid car, you need to consult the owner’s manual that will help you as a primary source for any kind of information.

The last piece of advice from the Lexington Chevrolet dealership experts says that if your hybrid car still cannot get jump-started, you should preferably contact the customer service of your dealership or the manufacturer to prevent your car from any permanent damage to its powertrain.

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