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If you and your life partner are from different religions then choosing a religion for your baby’s upbringing is perhaps tougher than anything else. Babies are the best gift of God to the married couples. Parents to a baby in practical life are socializing agents. Parents teach their kids through various social activities, how a family works, how a society functions, and how to navigate it successfully. Before giving birth to your baby, you have enough time for choosing religion for your child. Consult with your partner to avoid any confusion that may arise in future. Confusion may come not because you both are from different religions, confusion may happen if anyone of you has a dogmatic approach to own beliefs and values and attitudes like my way or the highway.

Keep both Parents Beliefs and Values

No confliction was there when two persons from two different religions fell into love and got married. Therefore, there should not be any confliction when a kid is portrayed between you and your partner. Here are some tips that may help you to teach your kid about the spiritual values of religious beliefs:

  • Give lesson you kid about the religion, focus on love for religion and don’t create pressure to follow the rules. Because that may create fear in the mind of the kid. If your beliefs lie on a God, it will be better to teach your child the love of God instead of fear of God otherwise a child at its adult age may reject even the good of God and also may not like stay with any one of you.
  • If you enter into the depth of any religion, you will find all are preaching a golden rule to love your neighbor. So put the similarities of both religions before the kid. Explain the different parts of both religious ceremonies beforehand to make it clear that the purpose of all rituals is to show the passage of life through different tenets. That will create a robust bonding between you, your partner, and your baby.
  • Never try to make a clone of either of your faith and beliefs into your child. Many times the parents fall into this trap. They preach the good things of both religions but influence to adopt any one’s belief. When the kid growing to adolescent age, will feel that what you preach, don’t believe that fully. Therefore, never try to be a role model of your beliefs and convert your kid in favour of your religion. If you truly faithful to your religion, your child will get inspiration.
  • Celebrate both the religions’ festivals jointly with your partner and your child and focus on peoples gathering and enjoyment. The kids enjoy the ceremonies and keep amazing events in memories with grace and joys. These festivals bring them close to the values of religion. And finally a kid at the adult age when feels that the greater perspective of ultimate religion is humanity, that gives the opportunity to an adult to choose own religion rather choosing your child’s religion at the early age.

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