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As the season changes our skin also changes. In summers our skin produces a lot of oil which may not be the case during fall and winters when the harsh winds blow. The way we start wearing layers of woolen clothes on our body during winters, in a similar manner we should change our skincare routine. Our skin also needs a special layer of moisture and protection during winters. One may also take some professional treatment to get rid of the problems that our skin has faced due to excess heat and summers. Thus, considering a reliable organic and natural cosmetic manufacturer in Mumbai, one can go for treatments that may not pose any side-effects on our skin.

Achieving a clearer, blemish-free complexion is a dream of every lady. In order to accomplish this dream, it is essential to follow certain rules-

  • Don’t just use any face wash- For those experiencing skin-breakouts must not go with any face wash. One must go with a product that is mild to our skin and does not just strip off the natural oils from the skin. Mild cleaners are very gentle on the skin and if they are made of chemical free ingredients i.e. through the extracts of nature help to target skin breakouts.
  • Don’t skip sunscreen- The sun, heat and humidity makes the oil glands overactive and wears out the skin oils. Thus, applying a sunscreen in a routine helps to stay away from the causes of getting prone to excess heat resulting in skin cancers. The tanning also darkens our complexion making the skin look drier.
  • Go with a clay mask- Treating the skin complexion is best when a clay mask is used. The natural organic clay masks available in the market are enriched with the goodness of honey and other natural extracts that helps the skin to go smooth and have a flawless shine.
  • Stay away from chemicals and toxins- The products that we use on our skin may it be soap or a lotion they all have toxins in it. Everything that we apply, approximately 70-80% goes in the skin through the pores and then in the body. Use of highly chemical products may result in harmful effect on the body resulting in many diseases in future. Thus, “AVOID” the use of harmful products. It’s time for a switch where only organic cosmetic fully enriched with natural ingredients like the pomegranate skin care products or shea butter cream must be used. They are not only healthy but pose no harm on our skin.

Following these four legit rules will help your skin stay healthy in all weather conditions. There are many make-up line and cosmetic product companies that are rendering customized products on demand as per the skin specifications. Their cruelty-free make up i.e. vegan are free from chemicals and preservatives to give fragrance to the products. One can easily choose from the array of products the best suitable skin type product and use it on regular basis without any harm.

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