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There are a number of webinar hosts out there that can help you in hosting a webinar and conducting it the way you want. But with many of the software available, there are instances when you have to look up to the alternatives. Whether it is the price or any other factor, finding a decent alternative can be a tough ask. Usually, people search for onstream webinars alternatives or alternatives to webinar ignition because they are unable to find the features that look for or the pricing is a bit too high. Regardless of which other platform you pick, here are a few ways to test the services.

Setup test webinar

Test webinars are critical and one should not overlook it. You might think of opening up the platform and going through the interface for once before you finally host it on the given date. However, if you are looking to invite other panelists and would indulge them alongside in your webinars, don’t forget to ask them to come up for a test too. It helps you in sorting the invites and sending them appropriately, assuring that there isn’t any delay when doing it live. Also, this would make the guests aware of how they have to join and what controls they are being offered.

Testing audio, video, and slides

It is important that one should test the audio, video, and slides before he goes into the live session. Even when your panelists come up, ask them to use their headsets and test the audios so that you will get to know if there is any background noise. Eliminate all those little echo and other sounds and make sure your voice is smooth and clearly audible. Also, test the slides and check if they are running appropriately, in a flow, or not. If you plan on indulging various individuals at a single slide, make sure that they have command over the controls and can advance or go back with the slides.

Test the recording

The recording file is crucial and many people use it later to send it to other individuals and use it on different platforms. Therefore, you have to be careful with the recording. A good way is to ask some friends to participate in the webinar and create a backup recording file for you. Or if you can’t find any such person, just take another system and log in to webinar on that computer to record. But make sure that you don’t clash the sounds in both machines and keep them in separate rooms.

Running other tests

Depending on the platform that you choose, there are several other interactive features that you might be offered. These include the surveys, questions, polls, quizzes, or any other exercises and challenges that you may present in front of your audience. So, make sure that you check them all and your attendees don’t have any issue when making things work with these components or else they will have trouble and will be irritated.

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