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Are you looking for best MBA College in Delhi or top college of BBA in India? We understand that it is the most important part of your MBA/BBA application process. We are discussing the main points that will help to shortlist the top college for bba in India and best Mba College in Delhi.

  1. Ranking- You must check the rankings from Financial Times, The Economist, Business Week and US News. You can compare MBA/BBA colleges for Alumni feedback, recruiter reputation, Value for money and increase in salary. Some business schools can share the information of current year or 1-2 years back. The surveys are done on regular basis where college alumni can share their experiences. The survey is a multiple choice where recruiters or alumni can pick any option. This is a great tool to select the best Mba College in Delhi
  2. Accreditation- The business school must have at least one accreditation from national or international standard authorities. Also, the international recruiters take the accreditation in consideration while recruiting students for the jobs.
  3. Internship and Curriculum- Many top college for bba in india have the understanding that case methods and lectures are not enough. Hence, they have taken experiential learning into consideration. Although lectures are the best way to gain knowledge but does not give the opportunity to gain practical experience. While hiring recruiters look for past work experience, years of pre-work experience, internships and business schools. Moreover, teaching methodology, faculty and course relevance also play a major role while selecting the BBA/MBA program.
  4. Class diversity- It influences post- bba/mba employment trends, classroom experience and reach of business school brand. You can interact with the students from different experiences, culture, job functions and industries. The recruiters often look for the candidate that are more diversified in experience. In this case, students are more exposed to experiences, opinions and perspectives. This is the basic advantage of the top business schools.
  5. Alumni network- You must see if you can approach the alumni. You must see where the alumni is located. If you have goal to get a job in Spain then you must search the alumni network in Spain. You must see can you get in touch with them, how many alumni are located in Spain. Also, many business schools organize speaker series and events that gives you an opportunity to interact with alumni.
  6. Career service- It plays an important role in building relationship and networking with recruiters. You can search for career service section on website and brochure.
  7. Alumni feedback- You must look for alumni feedback who has passed from school before 3-4 years.

Hence, these above factors can help you to make a decision to do BBA/MBA from the reputed colleges in Delhi. Chase your dream after thinking about these factors. These factors will help you to make the right decision.

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