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Food is something that no one loves to resist. Something we all work for, and often we think of trying new kind of dishes so that we can experiment with our taste buds. Typically in India, everyone’s favourite cook is their mom, no one denies it. After a long break we all crave for food that our mother cooks for us, a mother’s recipe can beat all other kinds of famous cuisines.

Have you given a thought to the fact that even our mother’s deserve to know about so many different cuisines provided to us. Each of them has their specialty, their signature mark in case of their look, their taste, the way the foods dance I the plates, the garnishing etc. Thai food recipes in Hindi are easily available and you can also try your hands in preparing these dishes and treat it as a surprise to your mothers. They have a perfect blend of sweet, sour, spicy and tangy ingredients in their dishes which enhance their aroma too.

Let’s have a look at the essential ingredients for cooking Thai dishes:

  1. Coconut milk is an important ingredient for cooking Thai food. This is what makes their curry a curry and also it is beneficial for one’s health too.
  2. Fresh herbs. Mostly all Thai dishes revolve around fresh herbs, to get the aroma and the flavour. Also they use them for garnishing. Starting from lemongrass to basil; leaves to cilantro roots these herbs are used adequately depending on the kind of dish to be prepared. You can easily get all of them online or in some stores depending on your recipe.
  3. Palm sugar is used in most of the Thai dishes. They use it in curries or salads and to make sauces too. Substituting it with brown sugar may not give you the same taste that you are looking for. Decide on the dish go for the recipe of Thai dishes in Hindi and if you cannot find any ingredient near your stores then you can find them online easily.
  4. Thai dishes have a special kind of rice known as the glutinous rice. It is a kind of sticky rice which is steamed properly. It is done to get the perfect texture desired along with the consistency; you do not want it to be very thick or otherwise round.
  5. Jasmine rice is another special Thai delicacy. They are long grained rice which has the nutty flavour. No wonder Thai dishes are so good with their aroma. They generally use a cup for one individual each.
  6. Since Thai dishes bounces around sea food base, they have a lot of cuisines where fishes get the top most priority, and each of the dish is so different from the other in case of their look, their fragrance their taste.
  7. Tamarind paste is mostly used as an agent to add that sour taste in Thai dishes. They use it mostly in curries and soups and more, and this ingredient is also a medium to get the tanginess in the dishes too.

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