A meningioma can be described as a tumor that grows from the meninges which are protective membranes of the brain. These meninges surround the spinal cord as well as the brain to protect them. These tumors do not attack the brain but apply pressure and push away. Meningiomas are normally benign and can have the incidence of ninety-five percent of brain tumors that are benign. Nearly about thirty percent of primary tumors of the brain that start off in the brain, in contrast to the tumors that reach from various parts of the patient’s body towards the brain.

Meningiomas occurrences and locations

Meningiomas are usually distinct and may live in the space they occupy. However, it can happen a tumor even if it is benign can grow and attack neighboring bone and muscle. A lot of benign tumors usually don’t attack normal neighbouring tissue of the brain. Any kind of abnormal neurological issue is normally the outcome of enhanced compression and also pressure exerted on the neighbouring nerves or the brain.


It may be very hard to diagnose a meningioma due to reason it grows very slowly. Signs of the meningioma can be slight and erroneously taken for some other health issue or discarded by taking them as normal to aging factor. In case the primary level care provider by somehow suspects a meningioma, the patient will be referred to a specialist. The specialist who is an expert in neurological conditions is called the neurologist. To make a diagnosis of meningioma, your neurologist will carry out a complete neurological examination along with imaging tests for example:

CT scan or computerized tomography

CT scans capture x-rays which produce images of the cross-sectional nature of the entire brain of the patient. Very often some iodine-based dye may be utilized to boost up the image.

MRI  or magnetic resonance imaging

By using this imaging procedure, radio waves and a magnetic field may be utilized to produce cross-sectional pictures related to the structures found within the brain of the patient. MRI scans give highly detailed images of your brain and meningiomas.

In a number of instances, a sample of the patient’s tumor is collected for examination called biopsy. It can be required to discard other kinds of tumors so that to confirm the presence of meningioma. Meningioma treatment in India is very economical for all patients.


The treatment a patient gets to treat meningioma is dependent upon a number of factors such as

  • The site and also the size of the tumor of the meningioma
  • The general wellbeing and age of the patient
  • The hostility or growth rate of the patient’s tumor
  • Aims you have to get treated

Wait & watch

It is not necessary to start treatment for everyone suffering from meningioma. A steadily and small growing tumor of meningioma which does not show symptoms or signs does not need treatment. In case the patient decides not to take any kind of treatment for the meningioma, he will probably have scans of the brain at regular intervals. The scans will show the growth of the tumor of meningioma.

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