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Australia is a self-governing country comprehends the mainland of the Tasmania Island, Australian continent, and many smaller islands. It is the sixth largest country in the world according to its area and Oceania’s largest country. Australia is modern, dynamic and unique trading nation of almost 24 million people with European cultural background and ancient history. Australia is an association of 2 territories and 6 states having world’s great migration rate and economy. Westminster system is followed in Australia. Its climate, high standard of living, good educational and employment opportunity attracts visitor to live and do business in Australia.

What is Direct Entry Stream Visa?

The Direct Entry Stream Visa for Australia is the visa for the people who are applying from any other country to Australia directly and for the Australian labour market which is not tested yet. It is for the people who don’t come under subclass 457 visa. It is for the people, who worked in Australia or never worked in Australia or only briefly worked, or the temporary residents who were not qualified for Temporary Residence Transition stream, and people who are nominated by an organisation under the direct entry stream.


  • Within six months, the applicants who are nominated require approval from Australian employer before they apply.
  • At the time of application, if the aspirant is registering under Temporary Residence stream, their age must be less than 50 years, and those who are registering under Direct Entry stream, their age must be less than 45 years.
  • The applicant’s English have to be competent; it must be equal to IELTS (International English language Testing System).
  • The applicants have to show their qualifications and skills certificates like compulsory registration, license membership or professional membership at the time of lodgement.
  • The applicant’s health should be perfect.
  • The applicants should have no criminal record.
  • Three years work experience is needed for skilled workers in their assigned occupation.
  • They should be appointed under CSOL (Consolidated Occupation List).

Time for Processing

The actual time of processing for Direct Entry Stream Visa in Australia will vary because of applications case like:

  • That your application is complete or not i.e. you include all your essential supporting documents.
  • Without any delay you provide additional information if needed.
  • Time is taken in the procedure of testing the applicant’s documents
  • Time of approval through external agencies for the documents like national security, character, and health

Apart from the above exceptions 75% people applications processed in eight months and 90% people application processed in ten months.

Direct Entry Stream Visa (Subclass 186) Benefits

The Subclass-186, ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme), is skilled workers visa for working in Australia. The nomination from the Australian employer and submission of the application through Direct Entry Stream by the applicant are the 2 main processes. If you get this visa you will be granted for:

  • For applying citizenship of Australia, if eligible
  • You can be a permanent resident in Australia
  • You can sponsor your family and friends for permanent residency
  • The applicant can do work, study and live for indefinite time in Australia

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