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Pocket watch, a unique fashion for men nowadays. Since it’s a late fashion of 19th century, but it has re-achieved its place in the 21st century too. There are thousands of various models of men’s pocket watches are available on the market currently. People are too responsive about this watch and it has become a new trend. You know what; everything has a rule. If you wear something beyond rule, it won’t be good at all. So, you need to follow the proper rule to be perfect. Wearing a pocket watch isn’t different too. Today, in this article, we will know about how to wear pocket watches

How to Wear A Pocket Watch:

Well, unlike wristwatches, pocket watches can be worn in various ways. Let’s have a look at the following methods that can be used for wearing a pocket watch.

Chains: This is the most common, stylish and famous method to wear pocket watches. You can find many chains that come with various lengths, designs, metals, colors and style. “Belt Hook” type is the most popular style. In this style, there is a lobster claw type hook which remains attached to the belt and other ends of chain grab the watch. You can put the watch in your pocket which makes another great style! This style suits everyone and gives him an attractive look as well.

Fobs: A leather fob is another great method for wearing pocket watches. This is used like a chain. The first end of the fob is attached with the bow of a pocket watch and other end remains attached to your belt. Fobs are mainly for middle-aged people. But aged people use it too.

Straps: A leather strap works a pretty good job as pocket watch holder. With the leather straps, you can carry the pocket watch in your front pocket or jean’s watch pocket easily, and additionally, with/without fobs! This method is popular among the young people.

Loops: Loops have mainly 3 parts. The first end of the loop slides over the belt. In the middle, there is a spring ring (Standard size) and another end; there is a claw that is attached to end. This is a stylish method and young people love it.

Holders: A leather pocket watch holder suits the aged people most. But other people can also use. The holder slides over your belt. The holder protects the pocket watch and. The holder remains attached with a spring ring (as like as loops) and the claws can be attached with both belt loop and holder.

Vest Chains: There are two types of vest chains- Single Albert Style & Double Albert Style. You can find them in various models, with/ without fob drops. This is mainly an optional feature. In the Double Albert Style vest chains; there is a pocket knife remains paired commonly. This style is suitable for everyone and makes the man looking noble and perfect. However, it represents your noble personality to the people.


  1. Generally, open face pocket watches are carried along with dial facing. It will be right direction while reading. This surface can be damaged by hits when you open it. So, be careful. And the back of the watch is made with metals usually, so it can’t be damaged simply.
  1. Never leave a pocket watch unprotected in your pocket. Generally, we keep many metal things in our pocket such as coins, knife, and keys. These things can harm the watch. For example, the stem can be broken or scratch can be made on the crystal which will destroy the beauty of the pocket watch.

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