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The tremendous potential of social media to create better user engagement is the primary reason why marketers are so keen on it. In addition to it, instant sharing capabilities and reliability of these platforms make these mightier marketing platforms to bring in more traffic to the business sites.

Some notable Instagram stats

  • More than about 51% of active Instagram users log on to this platform regularly.
  • About 35% of Instagram users check their accounts many times a day.
  • 60% of the users commented that they rely on Instagram to learn about various brands, products, and services.
  • By the year 2018, above 70% of the US corporate will use Instagram for online marketing, overtaking Twitter.

The outreach of Instagram is much broader and faster than you image and this is why the marketing foreseers are flocking to this platform.

Web design in light of Instagram

Every other website you may come across now has social media buttons as a proof of their social media presence. So, the design of any site is made more adaptable to suit the needs of social media. As there is an Instagram wave now, designers and web developers also need to realize the need to create designs which go in sync with social interactions.

Users tend to switch between social media platforms and websites more frequently now, with which the primary challenge for designers is to provide the same user experience across the platforms. Here are some tips to get some real Instagram followers and how to bring them to your well-designed site.

  • Interactive web designing

What makes Instagram so popular is its interactivity with the users, but you can see that most of the typical websites are only one-sided to present content to the users simply. If you are planning for social media friendly design, then try to present your content more engagingly. Make the website also interactive, so the users can enjoy the same level of comfort on landing to your page from Instagram.

  • Logo and color

Both the social media platforms and websites needed to be carefully designed to ensure the interactivity as well as similarity. The brand elements like your business logo and the brand colors needed to be reflected in perfect synchronization with which the users will not feel strange on landing to your website from a social media platform.

  • Functionality

It is not just the aesthetic aspects, but the functional features of a website make it optimally user-friendly. You may be notifying many such functionality features on the popular social media platforms like Instagram, which you should try to replicate on your web pages too to make things easier and get things done instantly for the users.

  • Minimalism

As per the design experts, a good web design will always have vacant white spaces, which are effectively used to highlight the most wanted content and also to ensure a minimalist finish. An ideal design should consider what the users would like by being clutter-free and let the users spend more time without distractions.

Altogether, we can say that the social media platforms like Instagram have redefined the web designing altogether. Staying in tune with the social media trends and changes is the only possible way to make sure that your website remains active and can attract potential users.

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