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Email marketing is loved by online marketers because even today it provides the best return on investment. When someone signs up to receive emails, it is a sign that he trusts your brand and wants to be kept informed about it. However, growing email subscription lists can be a difficult proposition and marketers need to actively think about leveraging the huge level of engagement they have with potential customers on Instagram. Some practical tips:

Ask for Email Signups Occasionally

Perhaps the easiest method of populating your email list is to ask your existing Instagram users to sign up. However, you must not do this very frequently as it tends to turn them off. The best way of doing it is to create a post where the advantages of signing up for the email are explained; the benefits could range from access to special promotions, insider previews or unique content not available from any other source. When followers sign up for the email subscription in addition to following you on Instagram, your brand has abetter chance of achieving top-of-the-mind recall.

Create a Special Landing Page

Followers for Instagram are a special breed that expects to have a fulfilling browsing experience that is visual-oriented. Therefore, when uses click on the link in the bio, they will normally land up on the website home page that may be more mundane than they had expected. It is better for you to create a special landing page that provides a 360-degree brand experience with engaging visuals and multimedia that will delight them. However, you need to keep in mind that the landing page needs to be mobile optimized and quick to load as users will be accessing it on mobile devices. Make the email sign up process very short and quick; making them jump through hoops can easily turn them off and your email list will never grow. Avoid including pop-ups as they obscure the mobile screen and irritate users.

Provide an Incentive to Visit Your Website

Unless you provide Instagram users a very good reason to click on the link in the bio, it can be difficult for you to persuade them to visit your website and signup for the email. The best way of encouraging them to visit your website is to offer them something that they will find irresistible; this could be a free sample of your product, an attractive discount, or access to free valuable resources like white papers, e-books, etc. that can only be downloaded in exchange for their email newsletter signup. It is very important that the incentive being offered is seen as valuable by the Instagram users because otherwise, disappointed users are likely to criticize you and ruin your reputation.


The very basis of any strategy to encourage Instagram users to sign up for email marketing is the promise that they will have a better brand experience than what is possible on the app. Give them a good experience on the site and they will be your friends forever.


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