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Planning to buy a new car isn’t a child’s play. After narrowing down to a particular choice of vehicle from a couple of specifically selected models and even their trim levels, now it is time to follow a few steps to lower the price to the optimum level. The aim is to make the purchase fall into the budget you have finally agreed upon and if possible save one or two pennies to have that winning smile on your face.

As suggested by the Riverside Hyundai dealer experts, it is really necessary to be decisive and certain about your choice. There shouldn’t be any space left for the dealers for suggestions any more. Be it the exact trim, the choice of colors, the engine, interior or accessory, do not settle for anything less, once you know the options you can afford.

Collect Multiple Price Lists

The first thumb rule of getting your dream car at a dream price is doing the hard work of collecting the price list from different dealership. The trick lies still a few folds ahead that starts with letting the dealerships know, that you are equipped with a lengthy list of prices in hand. Once they know, you’re stable with your decision and are not a novice in the field anymore, most of them are likely to offer deep discounts and prices with zero negotiation.

But note that you need to contact them either online or through phone. Make it a point not to discuss about pricing while being physically present at a dealership.

Count on Number of Contact

Number does count. Do not get satiated with only a few price lists at hand. A minimum of seven different prices or more is required to do the magic. This is because, not every dealer would be equally responsive or have your particular choice of vehicle in their stock, while some might not feel the necessity to be price competitive. The more number of dealers you can collect prices from, the better would be your chances of signing up an incredible deal.

Beware of the “Demo Car” Scam

If a dealer is offering a price too good to believe then it is possible that they are trying to push you a demo car without your knowledge. Such “demo car” scam though unethical is prevalent. The dealer in these cases try to sell out the leftover models, mostly from the models of the last year. The best way to find out if that is the case, ask for the mileage on the vehicle from the dealer – if it is told to be a few hundred miles more then, it is very likely to be a demo car.

Right Time is the Key

As revealed by the Riverside Hyundai dealer, buying a vehicle at a strikingly low cost is not an impossible dream to achieve if you catch the car dealer at the right time. One such good time to step into a dealership is when a year ending sale is going on and the dealers are trying their best to clear up their stock.

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