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Conference call services has become a preferred mode of communication for businesses as it has made communication with large audiences, such as clients, employees within the organisation, off-site teams, vendors and other stakeholders simpler, convenient, time saving and cost effective

Find below some best online conference call services available to users and businesses

  1. ezTalks Cloud Meetings

This online conference call service enables conference call with up to a 100 attendees on its free version and up to 500 on its premium paid version. It is compatible across all computer and mobile devices and operating systems and is a prefer option for hosting webinars and training sessions for small and medium sized companies.

  1. Skype

Skype is often referred to as the best free conference call services.Users can make conference calls anywhere in the world with a limit of up to 25 participants within a single conference call session. Skype has additional features such as a private and group chat feature.

  1. Intercall

Intercall is considered the preferred conference call services with reports stating a large number of Fortune 100 companies using this platform for online conference call service. It various features lets users to make conference calls anywhere in the world and is well suited for all forms of businesses, small, medium and large.

  1. FreeBridge

This conference call servicelets up to 100 attendees during a conference call session. Its features make it quite popular for conducting board meetings, sales, webinars, legal dispositions etc.

  1. Google+ Hangouts

Introduced by Google, it is considered as of the most convenient and simple to use online conference call service.It is compatible with all forms computer and mobile device and operating systems.

  1. Whats App

With over one billion users in over 180 countries, it is considered one of the best online conference call service available to for individual users, but might not be suitable for businesses. It is free to download and use, is simple and secure. Its other features allows users to send text messages, group chats, make audio and video calls, share files and documents.

  1. TokBox

It is a simple to use application which does not need to be downloaded for usage. Allowing up to 20-25 persons within a single conference call, this free online meeting conference call application is compatible on mobile and computer devices.

  1. OpenVoice

Considered as one of the best online conference call platforms, it allows users to connect with up to 500 participants in a single conference call. Its features allows creation of call groups for easy access and is compatible on all mobile and computer devices.



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