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Both the boiling summer and the magnificent monsoon results in scheduled and unscheduled power cuts. This creates the real discomforts for almost all of the homes and it is not possible to assure comfort atmosphere in the home without working of proper HVAC system and other appliances. This is the reason why you look for the best inverter for your home. There is no other easy go than getting an inverter and battery to provide the power during the power cut times.

Different brands to make you dumfound 

Online stores have broken all of the barriers that made the purchase of a reputed brand a difficult process. Now there is no need to worry about none of the problems including searching the shop, making a trip, distance, transporting etc. since you can place the order for the inverter sitting at the comfort of your home and can get the product at your doorsteps. But the thing is that your search for the best battery can give you with several different brands to make you dumfound. If you are need of an inverter that is recommended by the experts and well said by the real users, then go for luminous inverter online purchase.

Trusted name of inverter

With good years of existence, Luminous inverters have become one the world well said brand in inverters. The company with sophisticated manufacturing units and good teams of engineers, supervisors, and quality check experts make use of innovative technologies to bring amazing designs in the inverter to select from. They take every possible step to assure international standards in all of the inverters released to the market.

Portable and handy

What about the idea of a wall mount inverter for your home? If you like it, then you can purchase the luminous inverter that is made to mount on the wall. It looks so stylish with the user-friendly features and with an incredible look. It comes with power indicators and all sort of features to assure the best use of the inverter with an enhanced look.  The product is so hot in the market and countless households are updating their existing inverter with the wall mount power back up solution. It is said that the wall mount inverter of Luminous is first of its kind in the country and is designed to aesthetically suit with modern sensibilities.

Combo offer

If you are purchasing the inverter for the first time, then it is better to make use of combo offer that comes with inverter and battery. This is the best way to get the battery and inverter in exact proportion to enjoy maximum benefits of stored power and there is no need to get more confused about the capacity of both battery and inverter.

If you are looking for battery separately, then buy luminous battery to enjoy maximum life and energy efficient features. The batteries are made with the benefits of modern technology to make it free from any of the leaks out problems and to assure best in reliability, durability, recharging efficiency and more.

Luminous is the most trusted and loved brand for inverters and batteries.

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