Skin is one of the most important organs that need to be kept under care and protection as it gets exposed to the environmental conditions all the time. Noxious gases and toxic air are potential enough to make the skin older and thus make you look older. Moreover the increase in air pollution is resulting into some kind of brown spots all over the skin. The Ultra Violet rays coming from the sun and to which we remain exposed to for almost most of the times is also very harmful for our skin. It destroys the lipids of the skin and causes inflammation etc. The more the air is becoming toxic with increasing pollution the more kinds of beauty products are increasing.

The best way to keep our skin fresh and rejuvenating is to wash it again and again and use necessary creams or moisturisers or cleansing creams. We can have healthy diet that includes a lot of fruits or any other ways to protect our skin. However there is nothing much we can do to reduce the bad effects on our sin when we are outside as it basically needs a lot o people engaged in reducing the pollution together. But at home we can check the Indoor air quality or IAQ inside and around the house we live in or inside and around the building we work in, in order to take necessary measures to keep ourselves away from the toxic gases as much as possible at least inside the building. Indoor air quality can be affected very much by different kind of harmful gases such as radon, carbon monoxide and etc. proper ventilation inside the room can filter out these harmful gases or any other harmful air particle out of the building.

Usage of proper air conditioners that have proper filtering system can improve the air quality inside the room. Voltas are offering some of the best quality split air conditioners with proper ventilation capable of filtering out all the harmful particles like molds, allergens, dust particles etc. from the house. However the air filters which are there inside the air conditioners need to be cleaned otherwise the accumulated particles can cause harm. Voltas has been a popular company and has been so for more than sixty years with a lot of first innovations to the company’s name.

Some of them are:-

  • The first air conditioner of indigenous type
  • India’s first split air conditioner.
  • Earned its products’ energy ratings as the first brand or company.
  • First company who introduced the air conditioner for all weathers.


Products of much energy-efficiency and products with some futuristic designs these companies offer ACs like Window AC, Tower AC, Split AC and Cassette AC etc. in really affordable and reasonable prices. ITADIDASOL is all set up to provide all the information about the IAQ and the Air conditioners which is much helpful.

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