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Who doesn’t want a gift in his or her birthday? Obviously, everyone wants. Most of the people, especially kids waited for their birthday just to get some exciting surprises and gifts from their loved ones.

As we all know, Pakistan is a country of festivals and celebration where different festival are celebrated through the year. As in today’s world birthday is also considered as an occasion and it is also celebrated like other occasions with full joy and happiness.

Gifts becomes one of the major element almost in every occasion, we have seen a lot of time that people are exchanging gifts with each other so that they could strengthen their relationship bond with them. We have seen many times that, those who are living outside of Pakistan also send thier gifts and wishes to Pakistan to show their love and affection.

In foreign countries, people go to stores and buy something great gifting things which they can present to the birthday celebrant. But in Pakistan, the story is different people mainly prefer to give homemade gifts to the celebrant, as we know DIY gifts ideas are so much in demand and most of the people liking those things. But the question arises is that, what are the best homemade birthday gifts that won’t take much of your time?

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 Homemade Cake: As we all know, cake is mandatory in every birthday and nothing is better when the cake is of the celebrant’s choice. So if you want to give him/her a cake on their birthday, just confirm the taste and preference of the cake the celebrant wants and make it with your own hands, because the thing which you made from your own hand show your love and care for the one whom you giving it to.

Photo Frame: A photo frame is another great DIY option and can also be used as a birthday

gift. If the birthday boy or girl is your relative or best friend, so you obviously have their pics with you, just gather some great pics of them with you and bring them in a single photo frame of your choice. If you don’t have their photos just search from the social media, you will definitely get one from there.

Handicrafts: Handicrafts are also a great birthday gift you can make at home. Pakistan is known as a country of handicrafts and many of us know that art. if you know it too, just make a great handicrafts e.g, cultural caps, statues, a colourful bead sheet etc. I am sure this will loved by the receiver and whenever they see those things will remind them of yours.


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