Swedish massage
admin June 9, 2018

What is a Swedish massage?   The Swedish massage is a type of massage that involves various hand movements in an attempt to break up any knots in the muscle tissues; this massage technique is based on the principles of Western physiology and anatomy. A licensed massage therapist at a spa will schedule a 50 to […]

Orthopaedic Surgeon
admin May 19, 2018

The term Orthopaedic has origin in two Greek words ‘ortho ‘ which means straight and ‘pais ‘ meaning child . So in ancient times these doctors used to treat the children who had bone deformities. Later on it included all the bone ailments and problems of tissues joined the bones, joint problems, problems of spine […]

How Liposuction Works
admin May 14, 2018

Liposuction is a form of cosmetic procedure that many people go through if they want to get rid of fat without having to do an intense workout or diet. It is normally done by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologic surgeon and is targeted on your thighs, hips, buttocks, face, or belly.  Rasvaimu or liposuction […]

keep body fit and Healthy
admin May 12, 2018

Technology is also amazing today .we are looking at the measures to keep our body healthy, to avoid the sunlight, on the computer screen. To keep the body fit, there is a caffeinated drink and sweet snacks. But can you get thin on your screen and keep your body fit by eating caffeine? No. For […]

admin May 5, 2018

PET CT Scan is positron Emission tomography also known by the name as PET imaging. It involves the examination of the body that will allow the doctors to get images based on the radiations emitted from positrons. They are the tiny particles which are emitted from radioactive materials provided to patients.  In these test patients […]

Neural Disorders During Pregnancy
admin April 27, 2018

There are several changes in the body during pregnancy that lead to neural disorder. Some of the commonest ones occur in most mothers and create problems in the perfect growth of the baby. The simplest thing to understand is that all the systems of the body are connected to one another. So the simplest alteration […]

Holistic Treatments
admin April 18, 2018

Holistic’ is often called alternative, complementary and natural by the healthcare society. Holistic doctors are not different than your GP in terms of basic medical education. But a holistic doctor is also a trained professional in some other field complementary medicine and that is something that makes him different than the regular physician. Because holistic […]

Vitamin K the most important vaccine
admin April 16, 2018

Vitamin K is one of the important vitamins which is useful for preventing the serious bleeding. For any new born baby this vitamin K vaccines are very useful which will make them potentially fatal, and disorder of bleeding. This is called as vitamin K deficiency bleeding or hemorrhagic. It is available at the public hospital […]

admin April 4, 2018

Logistics is an integral part of e-commerce, for the reason that sending items is very important for an online business. Most online businesses these days don’t have a physical store and in some cases doesn’t even have items in their inventory, it’s called dropshipping. Logistics plays a vital role in these online businesses to thrive […]

Liver Transplant surgery
admin March 23, 2018

The biggest organ in the human body, liver, is a standout amongst the most imperative organs in the human body. Formed like a cone, it is situated in the upper right-hand part of the stomach pit. The elements of the liver have been said to tally more than 500 and these incorporate bile generation, metabolic […]